Collaboration in the field of linked data and graph technologies.

LOD.ACADEMY aims to bring together methodological approaches, research data, software tools, (web)services, best practice examples and learning material for linked data and graph technologies within the scope of the foundational research in the humanities and social sciences carried out by the academies of sciences. The goal is to develop a collaborative digital plattform on which academies, research projects and researchers can exchange knowledge and join forces.

The platform is developed by the Academy of Sciences and Literature | Mainz in cooperation with the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities. Both institutions have a long standing research interest in linked data and graph technologies. On behalf of the Union of the German Academies of Sciences the Digital Academy also develops AGATE, a European science academies gateway for the humanities and social sciences that is closely linked to LOD.ACADEMY.


A brief overview of tools, services, technologies, information and learning material.
Read more on how you can take part with your tool, your data or your project.

IRI Resolver

Participants can register and resolve IRIS with LOD.ACADEMY creating persistent identifiers for their data.

Vocabulary Hosting

Researchers can host and publish RDF vocabularies and ontologies on LOD.ACADEMY making them permanently available.

SPARQL Endpoints

Projects from academies can publish RDF data on LOD.ACADEMY using the triple store and SPARQL endpoint service.


LOD.ACADEMY generic webservice to extract RDF statements from any XML resource. Read more

Linguistic Linked Open Data (LLOD)

LLOD focuses on data of dictionaries and linguistic resources and shares it accross disciplines. Read more

Conferences & Workshops

An overview and outlook on scientific conferences and workshops for linked data and graph technologies. Read more

Publications & Learning Material

A collection of learning material on linked data and graph technologies. Read more

Research projects

An overview of research projects from Academies participating in LOD.ACADEMY. Read more

Participating Academies

The following Academies of Sciences are participating in LOD.ACADEMY with their projects Read more