Participating research projects that use services and contribute to this plattform

Augsburger Baumeisterbücher

The Augsburger Baumeisterbücher document the income and expenditure of the imperial city of Augsburg in the period between 1320 and 1800. The Baumeister not only recorded columns of numbers in their books, but also drew a vivid picture of life in their city thanks to some peculiarities in the accounting techniques of the time. Read more

Corpus Vitrearum Deutschland

The Corpus Vitrearum Germany is part of the International Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi (CVMA), which was founded in order to scientifically explore the entire stock of medieval glass painting in Europe as well as in the museums of the USA and Canada. Read more

Dictionnaire onomasiologique de l’ancien gascon (DAG)

The Dictionnaire onomasiologique de l’ancien gascon (DAG) is a dictionary of Old Gascon, encompassing the timespan between the 11th until the 15th century, the textual basis being resources with juridical content. Read more

Dictionnaire Étymologique de l’Ancien Français (DEAF)

The Dictionnaire étymologique de l’ancien français (DEAF) is a fundamental dictionary of Old French, encompassing the timespan between 842 until the mid-14th century. Read more

Epigraphische Datenbank Heidelberg (EDH)

The research project’s task is the recording and editing of Latin and bilingual (Latin-Greek) inscriptions of the Imperium Romanum within a complex database, and the user-friendly presentation of these on the Internet. Read more

The School of Salamanca

The School of Salamanca aims to provide an easy access to primary sources, concepts, and authors from the eponymous early-modern network of scholars by means of a digital edition of sources as well as a dictionary of the juridical-political language of the School of Salamanca. Read more