Tools and webservices for LOD and graph-based research

This page lists tools and webservices for Linked Open Data and Graph Technologies that are used or have been developed in research projects related to Academies of Sciences:


eXGraphs is a generic web application which extracts property graphs from XML using XPath syntax. The tool can transform any kind of XML resource and extracts information selected by the user. Read more


Grace is a graph content editor which allows editors to add, modify or delete nodes and relations in a property graph database through a graphical user interface. Read more


SPEEDy is a web based standoff property editor that can be dropped into any web application. While standoff properties can be stored in any format storing them as LOD entities in a graph database vastly increases their potential. Read more


The extraction of RDF statements from XML data can be a complicated process involving a lot of XSLT magic. The XTriples webservice makes it possible to create LOD statements out of any XML data based on a simple XML configuration. Read more