Graph Content Editor

What is GRACE?

GRACE is a graph content editor which allows editors to add, modify or delete nodes and relations in a property graph database through a graphical user interface. In addition to nodes and relations, GRACE also lets you edit properties attached to these elements. While GRACE brings you all the benefits of a schema-free database, it also assists you in data entry by suggesting previously used labels. It is built as a web app, currently designed to use Neo4j as its backend.

Use Case

Digital scholarly editions are often limited in their representation of data. Much information that is present in the database is not explicity marked-up and can therefore not be presented to the edition’s users. With a graph database as leading background system of an edition, complex relations between entities can be modelled and illustrated. This expands the possibilities of the edition, where e.g. nearby nodes with their associated relations can be displayed automatically to provide more context for the data. This enables new ways to analyze it and allows to raise new research questions.

When will GRACE be released?

We plan to release a beta version of GRACE in 2020.


Grace GUI (in Development) [Fig.1] Grace GUI (in Development)